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How can I buy one of your rabbits?

In order to buy one of my rabbits, you need to email me first using the contact page on my website. All available rabbits are listed on my website as such and I do not keep a waiting list. The reason for doing this is that Netherland Dwarf Rabbits are famously hard to breed and it is nearly impossible to predict a successful litter, let alone list a number of available kits. 

Once you have inquired about a particular rabbit, you will then be able to place a deposit for your chosen rabbit and it will be marked as so on the website.

I announce a litter on my website when the kits are 3 weeks of age and list them individually when they are 5 to 6 weeks of age, along with the date they will be ready to leave.  At this point, prospective buyers are welcome to inquire about them and place a deposit. 

Once the rabbit is ready to go (no sooner than 8 weeks of age, sometimes 9-10 weeks, depending on weaning and size), we will then arrange a day and time for the pickup. The balance of payment has to be paid prior or at pickup, no exception. 

I am in love with a rabbit from your website! Is it still available?

If a rabbit is marked as available on my website, then it is still available for sale. Any rabbit that is marked as reserved means a deposit has already been placed and it is no longer available for sale.

How much do you sell your rabbits?

Once the kits reach 5-6 weeks of age, I will post individual pictures of each available kit, its sex, color, the date it is ready to go home along with its sale price. 
There is no universal price, but most kits are priced between $200 to $400 depending on color.

Why can't I visit the rabbitry?

I keep a closed rabbitry for many reasons. Rabbits are fragile creatures and Netherland Dwarfs even more so. They have a delicate immune system and I cannot be certain that visitors to my rabbitry would not bring along with them - even inadvertently - pathogens that could sicken and kill my rabbits.

There is also the danger of frightening a pregnant or nursing doe into rejecting her kits. Adding this to the risk of children inserting fingers into cages and getting bit means I sadly must refuse any visitors to the rabbitry.

Knowing that all my rabbits are house pets (yes, all of them live inside my house), I'm not even going to get into the risks now associated with Covid 19! 

For all theses reasons, I will only allow customers to meet me outside in the driveway for the pickup of their chosen rabbit. If this offends you, I totally respect your choice to purchase a rabbit from another rabbitry. No exceptions.

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