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Our Story

It all started with a rabbit named Bob

 It was only a few years ago that I brought home our first rabbit, a New Zealand White Buck, which my son insisted on naming Bob. As the tiny bundle of fur wriggled on my son's lap, then snuggled for a nap during the long drive home, we fell in love.


We haven't fallen out of love since. 

It wasn't long before I spent hours online, researching rabbit breeds, color genetics and more. Soon a little Netherland Dwarf doe named Eclipse joined our household and Eclipse Rabbitry was born. At the same time, I became a member of ARBA and the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Association (both associations dedicated to the preservation and responsible breeding of domestic rabbits). 

My story with the Netherland Dwarf rabbits is one of love-at-first-sight. I love everything about them! What's not to love? They come in a variety of gorgeous colors and have the most intense, playful, spirited personalities. Their short ears and large heads give them the appearance of a creature straight out of a fairytale. 

As a breeder, my focus is and always will be health and temperament first. I always select the best temper for my breeders and never compromise on health. Doing this means I am dedicated to preserving the breed while producing sound and healthy kits with every litter. 

As a small, dedicated breeder, I can also give advice to new pet owners on health, nutrition and behavior issues and I am always available to answer questions. 

Thank you for reading and cheers from all the rabbits at Eclipse Rabbitry!

We are located in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

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